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The general financial result of economic activity in accounting is defined on the profit and loss account by calculation and balancing of all profits and losses for the reporting period. Economic operations are reflected in the profit and loss account by the accumulative principle, i.e. the accruing result since the beginning of the reporting period.

Thus, the group of expenses under articles of accounting reflects a place of emergence of these expenses and is applied to planning, the account and calculation of costs of production and realization of a unit of production, all products. It contains complex articles of expenses in many cases.

Thus, the profit (and its relative modification — profitability) found the major, leading role in the new economic and financial mechanism of management of social and economic development. It is base of a financial and providing the income of the enterprises, the states, the population.

With expansion of sponsor's activity the part of net profit can be directed on charitable needs, assistance to theatrical collectives, the organization of art exhibitions and other purposes.

Systematic receiving profit is the necessary purpose of activity of any enterprise. Therefore a problem for the enterprise is maximizing profit that development of strategy on systematic increase in profit and a of costs. This task multidimensional, that is why for the decision it demands system approach.

The size of enterprise profit is defined with a on development of the enterprise which accepts its management and shareholders. At calculation of normal enterprise profit :