Orientation To Generate Ideas For Art

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From this it is possible to assume that under "literary" abilities he means the abilities necessary for mastering technology of literary work. "Art" abilities contact to them creation of the figurative content of work. In "art" abilities he considered as the main specific observation and imagination.

In the general complex of literary abilities it marked out "literary" abilities and abilities "art". Korolenko points to three steps which need to be passed to become the writer: "the first (easiest) - to learn to write competently, in sense of creation of the speech; the second (a drone - to develop a syllable literary, that is flexible and free; the third (most important) - to seize an art form - a picture, image".

B. M. Teplov put forward the thesis that talent mainly in due time. Is not present as those general or special endowments, and there are more general and more special parties of endowments. The analysis of empirical material shows that manifestation of bright abilities at correctly put training and education stimulates development of a wide range of abilities in one kind of activity in general. So, for example, the teacher forming at pupils with humanitarian abilities interest in mathematical disciplines, constantly sought to show the beauty, an esthetics, harmony put in logical creation of the exact sciences. As a result the high level of abilities to mastering subjects of a mathematical cycle was found in most of pupils.