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The microscopy of the production ferment received by restoration of a bacterial concentrate of bifidobacteria and restoration of dry str.thermophilus and L.acidophilus ferments on sterilized milk showed the same microscopic picture, as in dry ferments.

Test tubes with crops place in the thermostat at 37+1C on 18-24ch Look through test tubes with crops and define existence of bacteria of group of colibacilli on gas generation. In the absence of gas generation through 18-24ch the product is considered not polluted by bacteria of group of colibacilli.

The method is based on restoration of a rezazurin by the oxidation-reduction enzymes emitted in milk by microorganisms. On duration change of coloring of a rezazurin estimate a bacterial of milk.

In work the review of literature on biology of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, their importance for a human body and use by production of fermented milk products for medical and dietary food is given.

Processing of results. Calculation of quantity of cages of bifidobacteria in 1g a product is made by multiplication of number of the grown colonies on corresponding cultivation. Take an arithmetic average of the results received in two parallel crops for final result of the analysis.

In a test tube pour on 1sm3 working solution of a rezazurin and on 10sm3 issladuyemy milk, close rubber traffic jams and mix by a slow triple of test tubes. Test tubes place in a reduktaznik with water temperature 37+1C.

Lactobacilli - the mikrofilny grampolozhitelny bacteria which are not forming dispute and not producing a catalase. On the basis of production of carbonic acid from glucose, needs for the tiamena, a fructose fermentation to a mannitol and production of a fruktozodifosfataldolaza of a lactobacillus divide into two groups: gomo-and geterofermentativny.

In a pure dairy zhiromer, pour 10 cm3 of sulfuric acid (=1811-1820kg/sm and, carefully that liquids did not mix up, add a pipette 10,77 cm3 of milk. Then add 1 cm3 of izoamilovy alcohol. Zhiromer close a stopper, mix and centrifuge within 5 minutes. After endurance in a water bath and centrifugations, regulating a fat column the movement of a rubber stopper, make fat counting.

Water in a reduktaznik or in a water bath after immersion of test tubes with milk has to reach liquid level in a test tube or to be a little higher, temperature it maintain during the whole time of definition 37+1C.

Then from three-four last cultivations of a product in solution of chloride sodium take on 1 cm3 and bring 2 parallel rows of test tubes with Wednesday and carefully mix a pipette, watching that on Wednesday air did not get.

Crops of the studied product on Petri's cup from the same cultivation in number of 1 are allowed and 0,1sm Right after filling of an agar contents of a cup of Petri carefully mix by easy rotary rocking for uniform distribution of sowing material.

Inhibition of growth of potentially harmful microorganisms as a result of production of antimicrobic substances; competition to them for receptors of adhesion and nutrients; activation of immune and competent cages and stimulation of immunity.

The description of some fermented milk products recommended for baby and treatment-and-prophylactic food for which production it is used lactic bacteria and bifidobacteria is given below.

The method is based on ability of bacteria of group of colibacilli (bessporovy, gramotritsatelny, facultative and anaerobic bacteria) to sbrazhivat in a nutrient medium lactose at a temperature of 37+1C during 24ch with formation of acid and gas (BKKP).

Change of the microbic metabolism conducting to increase or decrease in synthesis and activity of bacterial enzymes and, as a result of it, production of the corresponding metabolites (for example, LZhK, a glyutamina, an arginina, vitamins, peptidoglikan, etc.) possessing ability locally or after penetration into blood and other biological liquids of a macroorganism directly to interfere with metabolic activity of cages of appropriate authorities and fabrics. To modulate its morfokinetichesky characteristics, physiological functions, biochemical and behavioural reactions.