An Introduction To Rock Your Character Voice

Exciting conclusion to write a characterization

The general signs are inherent not only to this object, but also all objects of this or that concrete group (a look, a sort. For example, to all axes a certain size and a form of an edge is inherent, in any handwriting - clarity, the size, an inclination, coherence, etc. The identification on them cannot be carried out, they serve for narrowing of a circle of required objects.

Reference of object to a certain group, to the mass of substances. Thus various researches for determination, for example, of uniformity of the objects found on a scene and withdrawn from the suspect are conducted.

display in the form of the description, drawings made at the moment or after visual perception of objects observable or according to their indications other faces (the investigator, the artist, etc.) (orientations, subjective portraits).

Private signs are such which are inherent in objects of one group and characterize details of each object. For example, zazubrinka, dents, private signs of a sole of footwear - cracks, scratches, patches, etc. can be private signs of an edge of an axe. They are a basis for identification. Sometimes the private sign can be inherent and to some other objects of a similar look. Therefore at identification research set as the general, and private signs is used. Each sign is characterized: size, form, in the color, situation, features.