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The marketing coverage extended recently, having included, besides goods of service, the organization, a place, idea. Thus, there was a concept of marketing of services which implies the process of development, advances and realization of services focused on identification of special needs of clients and is urged to help clients to estimate services of the service organization and to make a right choice.

Thus, the company, in a concrete case the hotel interested in increase in number of clients - business travelers and deduction of number of regular customers - business travelers, having data of this research, can work on improvement of quality and expansion of range of services to which business travelers pay bigger attention.

It does not mean that sales and advance of goods are not necessary absolutely. It means that they have to be part of the thought-over system which work is directed on satisfaction of needs of clients. Sales and advance of goods will be effective only in case at first there are definite purposes and needs of the client, and then goods, available at the price, or service will be offered.

Tourism belongs to a services sector and is one of the largest and dynamic branches of economy. High rates of its development, large volumes of currency receipts actively influence various sectors of economy that promotes formation of own tourist industry.

The researcher has to aspire to that the results of market research reported to them were accurate and with the smallest number of neopredelennost. These results will give to managing directors on marketing the chance to make more weighed decisions.

It is obvious that important not only to conduct market research, but are important also its results. Therefore, it is necessary to compare problems of the conducted market research and its results. Whether results of market research were used? Whether in full volume? Actually, at this stage it is possible to reveal both defects, and the positive moments in carrying out research that can be useful further when carrying out other market researches.

Last century market researches as those were not necessary as the majority of firms were small and knew the clients personally. In the XX century there was a need for obtaining more extensive information on clients and their consumer requirements. There was a problem of shortage of information. Need for carrying out market researches is obvious. In it relevance of this subject also consists.

Recreational tourism – travel for rest and treatment. This type of tourism is very widespread around the world. In some countries it is allocated in independent branch of economy and functions in parallel with other types of tourism.

Sports tourism – trips for participation in sporting events. Resort to services of tourist firms in this case as heads of teams, organizers of competitions, and fans, and simply wishing to be present at competition.

experimental, that is providing check of a hypothesis of some relationship of cause and effect, for example, that reduction of prices of permits to 10% will cause increase in number of clients more than for 15%.

These features of the market of services, and also specifics of services, namely: their intangibility, inability to storage, variability of quality and continuity of production and consumption define features of marketing of services.