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Work of operators, programmers and simply users is directly connected by computers, and according to additional harmful effects of the whole group of factors that significantly reduces productivity of their work.

It is necessary to limit unevenness of distribution of brightness under review to the monitor and PEVM, thus the ratio of brightness between working surfaces should not exceed 3:1 - 5:1, and between working surfaces and surfaces of walls and the equipment 10:

Schemes of placement of workplaces with VDT and PEVM have to consider distances between desktops with video monitors (in the direction of the back of a surface of one video monitor and the screen of another a video monitor which has to be not to exchange of 2,0 m, and distance between lateral surfaces of video monitors - not less than 1,2 m.

For internal finishing of an interior of rooms with monitors and PEVM have to be used diffuzno - the reflected materials with reflection coefficient for a ceiling - 0,7 - 0,8; for walls - 0,5 - 0,6; for a floor - 0,3 - 0,

The achievement of science and technology, rapid development of scientifically technical revolution influencing all sphere of human activity demand further improvement of management, style and methods of work, improvement of quality and efficiency of administrative work.

Note: Time of breaks is given at observance of requirements of Health regulations and norms. At discrepancy of the actual working conditions to requirements of the these health regulations and norms, time of the regulated breaks should be increased by 30%.

The monitor as well as any device has to conform to certain requirements and standards. Requirements of monitors divide into two main groups of standards and recommendations - on safety and ergonomics.

TUV Ergonomie - the German standard of ergonomics. The monitors meeting this standard passed tests according to EN 60950 (electric safety) and ZN 1/618 (ergonomic arrangement of the workplaces equipped with displays), and also meet the Swedish MPR-standard

In production rooms in which work with monitors and PEVM is the main (dispatching, operator, settlement, cabins and posts of management, a hall of computer facilities, etc.) optimum parameters of a microclimate have to be provided.

The UL, CSA, DHHS, CE standards, the Scandinavian SEMRO, DEMKO, NEMKO, and also FCC Class B belong to the first group. From the second group MPR-II, TCO’92, TCO’95, ISO 9241-3, EPA Energy Star, TUV Ergonomie are most known. Here some of them:

Illumination on a table surface in a zone of placement of a brief has to be 300 - 500 lx. Installation of lamps of local lighting for illumination of documents is allowed. Local lighting should not create patches of light on a surface of the screen and increase illumination of the screen more than 300 lx.

Artificial lighting in rooms of operation of monitors and PEVM has to be carried out by system of the general uniform lighting. Use of the local lighting intended for illumination of a zone of an arrangement of documents is allowed.

With monitors and PEVM it is necessary to use the LPO36 series lamps with zerkalizovanny lattices completed with high-frequency puskoreguliruyushchy devices to lighting of rooms (VCh Ave. It is allowed to use LPO36 series lamps without VCh PRA only in modifications of "Kososvet", and also lamps of direct light - P, primary light - N, the reflected light - Century. Use of lamps without lenses and the shielding lattices is not allowed.

When performing the main work on monitors and PEVM (dispatching, operator, settlement, cabins and posts of management, a hall of computer facilities, etc.) where work inzhenerno - the technical workers exercising laboratory, analytical or measuring control, noise level should not exceed 60 dBA.

The coefficient of a pulsation should not exceed 5% that has to be provided with application of gas-discharge lamps in lamps of the general and local lighting with high-frequency puskoreguliruyushchy devices (VCh PR for any types of lamps. In the absence of lamps with VCh PRA of a lamp of multilamp lamps or nearby to turn on the located lamps of the general lighting on different phases of a three-phase network.