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is based on simultaneous inclusion in motivation of all three ways of causal justifications or all three levels of motivation: both requirements, and values, and interests. But in practice business can be in such a way that the conflict can include only one level of motivation: only requirements or only values. Thus it is difficult to mark out interests as the independent line of motivation as they are developed on

It is important to pay attention and to structure of each of sections of a motivational kernel of the conflict. Each of them contains certain options of aspirations. Owing to this fact each of them can be a source of tension, split, emergence of new conflict situations and aggravation of the age-old conflicts.

The offered scheme can serve as important means of research of real conflict situations as it definitely shows an order of promotion of requirements conflicting parties. The scheme contains as a matter of fact the minimum set of qualifying standards and claims. This set is shown to each of the parties. In the certain

It is realization of intentions and at the same time overcoming of resistance which inevitably is encountered during this realization. This exclusively difficult joint action of at least two parties united by opposition. In more specific literature according to the analysis of the conflicts

To find the optimum solution, it is necessary to possess not only knowledge of economic calculations, but also knowledge of how the such conflicts develop. After all such situations arise everywhere. Collision

Any social tension can turn into the social conflict under the corresponding conditions. However the course of this transformation, a way of judgment of this process, nature of its representation in consciousness of the acting subject will at the same time develop by certain rules. A certain sequence in the argument, in promotion of claims and in justification of the requirements will remain thus.

So, the conflict is a major party of interaction of people in society, some kind of section of social life. It is a form of the relations between potential or actual subjects of social action which motivation is caused by the resisting values and norms, interests and requirements. The essential party of the social conflict consists in that that these subjects act within some wider system of communications which is modified (becomes stronger or collapses) as a result of the conflict.

It is possible to recognize this division of the directions of sociological theories true only with a certain share of convention. Mainly it is based on opposition of a functionalism and sociology of the conflict, the formulated Ralf Darendorf.

In actions of the resisting parties the appeal to that is vital for an appropriate subject, to that variations of means of satisfaction of the corresponding represent will always take place