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Life of civil society as system of economic work is devoted not only to "formation" of natural "", but also preparation of human abilities and, i.e. to practical and theoretical education. Cars, specialization and division of labor, interdependence and coherence of people with each other : the system of economic mutually food and interest of everyone in work and about property of all is created.

And here, if to handle this criterion to that to "" which lines Hegel tried to represent more than once, it will be found out that it hides in itself a number of "contrasts" both the "unsatisfactory" parties, and such which are not casual for it, but follow from its nature. It appears that the essence of the state consists in being limited in all three relations: and on the volume of human structure, and on a rhythm of speculative life, and on the level of spiritual development. The "Absolute" state in these restrictions, in spite of the fact that it "absolute", but because it "state". And if it so, "idea" of the state is the sign celebrating not "victory" of Spirit in the person, and a limit of human spirit. }

Such estates three. The substantive or direct estate lives a and agriculture, 34 it is involved the direct moral which is based upon the family relations and upon a, and composing therefore in its limits the late and spirit of "concrete generality".

The main essence of the state is metaphysically - concrete unity of empirical discrete many people. The first condition of cash of the state of the state is existence of a set human individuumov.1

If the spirit of the people takes the form of the state, it means that it develops to the state, becomes the state that he is the state; therefore everything that in essence characterizes national spirit, characterizes by that and the state.